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My work on decision-making processes has been published in  top international scientific journals, as well as been featured in popular media and books.

I deliver high-quality engagements on decision-making, especially on improving decision-making quality, avoiding common decision-making pitfalls, and increasing efficiency.  

With a strong background in science and industry, I offer bespoke consultation on your specific research or decision-making problems. I support R&D teams in optimizing their design, analyses, and recommendation processes. 


I run the Social and Economic Cognition Lab at the Technical University Dresden, specializing in improving decision-making. I am interested in how people make difficult decisions and how we can improve both quality and efficiency.  Check out this podcast or this article for an introduction to indecision and its benefits. My scientific work is available here.

I also work with organizations to help them improve their decision-making processes by offering key note presentations, workshops, and bespoke consultancy. Find our more here or contact me at Or you can visit my LinkedIn page, Google Scholar profile, or Open Science Framework profile. My full academic CV is here. 

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"As a regular co-host of my podcast, Iris wonderfully combines her knowledge of cutting-edge scholarship, skill in making complex ideas understandable, and a light-hearted approach to discourse. The advice she gives the audience is insightful and actionable. It is a thrill for me to work with her!" 

Peter McGraw, Host of the Solo Podcast
and author of "the Humor Code" and "Schtick"


Make better decisions

My goal is to help executives and organizations make better decisions by providing them with insightful and actionable advice based on the latest scientific research.

I offer keynote presentations on the science of effective decision-making,  covering a wide range of topics, including cognitive biases, heuristics, decision-making under uncertainty, and more. I provide my audience with recommendations that are insightful and actionable, providing practical strategies that can be implemented to enhance decision-making effectiveness.

I also offer organisations consultancy tailored to an their specific needs. I provide guidance on decision-making processes, research questions, and data analysis and interpretation, resulting in practical recommendations based on data. 

At the core of my work is the belief that effective decision-making is crucial for organizational success. By providing insightful and actionable advice based in science, I am committed to empowering executives and organizations to make better decisions.

Let's talk ! Contact me at

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30 +

years of experience in industry and science

International publications and book comtributions

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